Future Tierra Mia Coffee on Eastern Avenue

Tierra Mia is opening in a corner building that has housed Mexican and Chinese restaurants in recent years.

East Los Angeles -- For Cal State L.A. students who want to meet over a latte off campus, there are few options within walking distance of the giant university. But that's about to change.

Tierra Mia Coffee is preparing to open one its Latino-themed coffee houses on Eastern Avenue a short walk from one of Cal State L.A's main entrances. 

The company, which is poised to operate nearly 20 coffee shops, is now hiring staff for the new East L.A. location only a few months after opening a new store and headquarters in Lincoln Heights. 

It's not clear when the new East L.A. Tierra Mia will open. The new cafe will open in a corner building at Eastern and Tim avenues, which in recent years has housed Mexican as well as Chinese restaurants. "Coming soon," is all the company website says for now.

The small but growing coffee house chain, which also has outlets in Echo Park and Highland Park, has won a strong following among Latino customers with drinks like an Horchata Latte.

In a 2013 interview with The Eastsider, Tierra Mia owner Ulysses Romero said he came up with the idea for the chain after completing his MBA at Stanford. After working as a consultant within different corporate settings, the first-generation Mexican-American decided on starting his own business to take advantage of the demand for specialty coffees and the growing Latino market. 

 “My intention was always to create the coffee house that a Latino person would want to go to by creating a menu that was appealing to them," he said. "We try to create something that people will like and that they will be excited about."

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