Queen Bee Burger at Honeybee Burger

The double-patty Honeybee Burger

LOS FELIZ -- You would think a spot between a movie theater and a big bookstore would be an idea place for a small cafe or takeout place. Think again. In less than a decade 1820 N. Vermont Ave. – a hole-in-the-wall wedged between the Los Feliz 3 and Skylight Books – has been home to Mako (a Japanese diner); Juicy Burger, Good Greek Grill, and, a cafe called WKNDR, which closed in February after only a year in business.

Now, Honeybee Burger, serving plant-based burgers but no traditional fries (more on that later), has opened in the same narrow storefront.

The limited menu features burgers and sliders made with either the Impossible or Beyond Meat patties, and range in price from $4.95 to $12.95. There's also a vegan grilled cheese and "frots" -- a combination of sweet potato tater tots and fries.  In addition, there are milk-free shakes and soft serve. 

One thing you won't find are traditional fries made from white potatoes. Why? Here is what Honeybee says on the subject:

Frots at Honeybee Burger

Honeybee "frots"

Honeybee Burger is at 1820 N. Vermont near Russell Avenue.

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