Boyle Heights Catholic school wins $500,000 grant to introduce “blended learning”

$500,000 grant is announced | Courtesy Archdiocese of Los Angeles

BOYLE HEIGHTSResurrection Catholic School  has won a $500,000 grant to introduce new technology and small-group instruction to the small school as part of a nationwide program to revitalize urban Catholic schools.

The school, which has 209 students enrolled in K-8, will use the half million dollars to roll out what’s called a “blended learning” program intended to create more individualized instruction.

Under the program, funded by the Seton Education Partners, Resurrection will get Internet access throughout the entire campus and one computer for every two Kindergarten-5th grade students and one computer for every student in 6-8th grades. A new teacher trained in blended learning will join the school for two years and the campus will use special learning software to point out when a student is excelling or needs special instruction on a certain topic.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles supplied more details about how the small group instruction part of the program will work:

  • Classes will be divided into three groups providing personalized learning
  • One group will work on computers featuring the new learning software, which is adaptive and creates a learning pathway for each student
  • Another group will work individually on a particular assignment or project
  • The other group of students or student will work with their teacher

“We are very excited to make this much anticipated announcement to our school and surrounding community,” said Mrs. Angelica Figueroa, Resurrection School Principal. “Every single one of our students deserves the opportunity to maximize their potential and reach academic success

The blended program will be launched in the 2015-2016 year.

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