New Ivanhoe Elementary building

Proposed new classroom building for Ivanhoe Elementary School.

Two local elementary schools are slated to trade in some old portable buildings and eventually replace them with new, permanent classrooms - once money has been found.

This summer, Ivanhoe Elementary in Silver Lake and and Franklin Avenue Elementary in Los Feliz will see the replacement of the old portable buildings -- but just with newer portable buildings. The schools plan to replace the old Department of Housing portable buildings with new portables approved by the Division of State Architect, said Elvia Perez Cano, Information Officer with the L.A. Unified School District.

The construction of any permanent classrooms buildings remains in the planning stages.  

For Ivanhoe Elementary School,  the plan is to replace 11 classrooms in seven portable buildings with a new two-story building with 15 classrooms, support spaces and a food service facility with a kitchen, storage, a service area, and restrooms, said Cano. The total cost is about $6.4 million.

For Franklin Avenue Elementary School, six portable buildings containing 11 classrooms would be replaced by a buildings with 13 new classrooms, support spaces, parking and a food service facility. Total cost here would be about $7.4 million, Cano said.

The district has allocated money for designing the new buildings. However, the district has not yet budgeted funds for actually building them.

"The Board of Education will need to take an action to approve the construction of Phase 2," Cano said, referring to the construction of new buildings, "and the schedule for completion of Phase 2 will be reflected in that action."

One other factor may complicate the construction timeline. Project plans note that both the schools are more than 45 years old, and are eligible for the California Register of Historic Resources. Ivanhoe, in addition, is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic places. 

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