Photo by I.K’s World Trip/Flickr

Newly released 2010 U.S. Census figures confirm what many in Echo Park have known for quite some time: the neighborhood has changed. With the help of Census Bureau Area Manager Al Fontenot, The Eastsider focused on one of the few census tracts – No. 1974.2 – in Echo Park  that did not undergo any boundary changes between the 2000 and 2010 Census.  During that decade, this central slice  of the neighborhood, which runs from Sunset Boulevard on the south to Avalon Street on the north, grew less crowded, with the population dropping by about 15% to about 3,500 people. While Latinos remained the majority, their share of the population fell from nearly 70% to below 60%.  The white population, meanwhile, grew from about 13% in 2000 to about 23% last year.  Asians’ share of the population remained about the same at about 13%

There will be more interesting figures in the months ahead as  more details and data from the 2010 Census are released.  Get the most recent Census results in your neighborhood by going to the bureau’s American FactFinder and using the address search in the right-hand column.

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