Lincoln Heights No Parking Sign

Lincoln Heights -- If parking is bad in your crowded Eastside neighborhood, you probably have it better than vehicle owners who park on several blocks here where street sweeping starts at 4 a.m. every Tuesday and Wednesday, according to a story in Los Angeleno.

“If you don’t have parking (at your home), you are screwed,” one resident who had to move her car from Avenue 25 in Lincoln Heights told Los Angeleno in a video capturing the absurd routines city dwellers go through to avoid a $73 street sweeping ticket.  

Neighbors drag themselves out of bed before the sun rises to avoid the city’s notoriously aggressive parking enforcement in a pre-dawn, cat-and-mouse game that has gone on for years.

“Sometimes at night, I will drive around for half an hour or an hour looking for a space,” one man said.

Unsurprisingly, it’s crowded neighborhoods with multifamily apartments that get the brunt of these tickets, according to a 2015 LA Times data crunch.  

And many of the apartments in the neighborhood of narrow streets are just that with only one parking space for a family of three or four. 

Lincoln Heights isn't the only neighborhood where residents complain about early street sweeping hours. In Echo Park, one woman proposed shifting street sweeping to a later hour. But the Echo Park vehicle owners had to be off the streets by 8 am -- which seems rather late in the day compared to Lincoln Heights.

Changing street sweeping hours is possible but not easy, officials told The Eastsider. In the case of Echo Park, the street sweeping hours have remained the same. 

The Lincoln Heights Neighborhood has been working on the issue, according to the website. 

But as one resigned man told Angeleno put it, “Hey I guess you live here  in this city, you got to pay the price somehow.”

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