baby hummingbirds overhead shot sandy driscoll.jpg

A pair of newly hatched hummingbirds

Silver Lake -- The neighborhood's hummingbird population just added two newcomers.

A pair of baby birds poked their way out of jelly-bean sized eggs a few days ago in a nest at the home of Sandy Driscoll, who has been photographing and monitoring the growth of the tiny hummers.

"After 24 hours, I glimpsed the mama bird feeding them, so they could actually raise their tiny heads just enough so she could put her beak in theirs to give them nutrition," said Driscoll in an email. "The nest is constructed so the inside is very soft, cradling the babies when they are very young and protecting them from sight and possible predators. As the babies grow, the interior expands just enough to hold them safely."

That nest has gotten a lot of use, said Driscoll.

"The nest is very elongated because this is its’ fifth use and each time, the birds do a bit of ‘remodeling’ to make sure it’s structurally sound.
hummingbird eggs sandy driscoll.jpg

The hummingbird nest before the birds hatched from their eggs.

Hummingbird sitting on nest Silver Lake

Mama hummingbird keeping those eggs warm in the nest

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