The Los Angeles Zoo sent over the above photo of Maria the Echo Park Lake goose after she was driven from Echo Park to a new temporary home at the zoo.  The Chicken Corner blog reported on Monday that Maria was moved to the zoo as a protective measure  in light of the bird’s increasing popularity. Maria, who waddled to fame after being featured in an OK Go music video last year, is scheduled to be quarantined for 30 days in the zoo hospital as part of what is expected to be a two-year-long stay as Echo Park Lake is drained and cleaned up.

It’s not clear where the above photo was taken or what Maria thinks of the carpeting under webbed foot after spending years on the park’s crumbling paths and lawns. “When she’s done with quarantine she’ll be making her home elsewhere in the Zoo, though it hasn’t been decided exactly where yet, said a spokeswoman.

Photo courtesy L.A. Zoo

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