Mama hummingbird feeding one of her newborns in their  nest | Sandy Driscoll

Silver Lake— Hummingbirds usually build their nests in hard-to-find places. But about two weeks ago Sandy Driscoll of Silver Lake noticed that a hummingbird had built a tiny nest — made from cobwebs, paint chips and other scavenged materials — in plain sight on the hanging plant hooks in her back patio.  Soon after, Sandy began taking photos as the hummingbird began taking care of two baby birds sheltered in the nest eight feet above the ground.

Sandy shared some photos and a description of her nesting neighbors:

“Ikept close watch and soon I spotted a Mama Hummer sitting on the nest. She would come and go, but mostly just sit there, keeping her eggs warm. Several days later, taking advantage of a few minutes when she was gone, I climbed on a tall ladder and was able to take a photo of the two tiny eggs.

A week later, I got a lucky glimpse of her feeding the newborns. They are barely visible – just a tiny bunch of feathers and beaks. My always-full Hummingbird feeder hangs just 10 feet away, so I’m doing my part to keep her supplied with nutrition. Apparently, Hummingbirds take great care to build their nests in hidden places. I am so fortunate to be able to witness all of this! I’m being very careful to give her privacy now, hoping the babies will grow and leave the nest in 3-4 weeks.”

Sandy said she found detailed information about attracting hummingbirds at this site and baby hummingbirds here.

An overhead shot of the Silver Lake nest | Sandy Driscoll

Nesting in Silver Lake | Sandry Driscoll

The nest is made from cob webs, plant materials and even paint chips | Sandy Driscoll

Baby hummingbirds are all beaks and feathers | Sandy Driscoll

Baby birds growing quickly in they tiny nest | Sandy Driscoll

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