Silver Lake gets creative with dog park pick-up-the-poop signs

Five Winners of Silver Lake Dog Park Sign Design Contest | Recreation & Parks Department

SILVER LAKE –– The standard, green-and-white “Dog Defecation Is To Be Immediately Removed By Owner” signs often get ignored at the Silver Lake and other dog parks.  That’s why a group of Silver Lake residents  came up with the idea of making new “creative dog etiquette” signs” to remind pet owners to pick up after their animals.  But getting five new “dog etiquette” signs approved has taken several rounds of community meetings, a “Keeping It Clean” sign contest, city staff report and two votes by Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners, which gave its final approval last week.

The contest, hosted by Council District 13, attracted a dozen designs, including a submission from Moscow, that were narrowed down to five signs, including a Rosie-the-Riveter inspired “We Poop It … You Scoop It” entry.  It’s not clear when the signs will appear at the Silver Lake Dog Park or if law-breaking pet owners will finally get the message.

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