Coyote - to the right of Pampas grass - roams island at Echo Park Lake/Perry Daniel

Reports on Sunday morning of dead ducks, fish and a coyote stalking stranded geese in now nearly empty Echo Park Lake  were followed up by sightings of the coyote on the lake’s island, which once served as an unofficial bird sanctuary.  Perry Daniel, who lives by Echo Park Lake, explains what she saw Sunday afternoon:

Saw the coyote again yesterday afternoon on the island. The geese were still huddled on the lake bed. People were trying to coax them up towards the fence for food but I think they were too afraid to leave. Later in the evening the coyote was roaming around the park. Not sure how he got in. A bit of a Houdini this one.

Daniel also got an explanation from construction inspectors and biologists about the dead fish spotted floating in the remaining water. She was told more than 3,000 fish were transported to MacArthur Park but conditions on the muddy lake bottom were too treacherous to permit a rescue of the remaining fish. Click on the link below to find out how the fish made their way to MacArthur Park.

Apparently the biologists responsible for the removal process weren’t able to rescue the remaining fish because the water wasn’t deep enough for a boat and way too dangerous for an on foot rescue through the muck. They did manage to transport around 3,000 fish to MacArthur Park. The process sounded fascinating. First the transporters “zapped” the fish. The stunned fish floated up to the water where they were promptly put in a ventilated cooler and hauled over to their new home. I can only imagine how the native MacAurthur Park fish feel. Perhaps an aquatic turf war? Hipster fish versus stalwart locals?

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