Hawk on Hood

It's always enchanting to watch hawks circle in the sky, floating high over rooftops and trees. But what happens when one of those majestic birds lands on the hood of your car?

That's what happened to Staci Eddy of Echo Park this week. She was driving on Beaudry Street to Temple Street near Downtown when she found herself staring eye-to-eye with a red-tailed hawk perched on the other side of her windshield.  

She drove around for 15 minutes with the hawk on the hood, calling friends to figure out what to do and taking video of the bird. Eventually the  hawk took off as suddenly as it landed.

"It was so crazy!" Eddy said in an email. "I think he may have been overheated at first but he stayed with us for over 15 mins! It was so nuts."

After posting the video on YouTube, Eddy said she hopes that all the people who took photos and videos of her driving around with hawk share the images with her. 

"We felt like Uber for hawks," Eddy posted on her video.

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