What is killing the fish in Echo Park Lake?

About 40 dead fish have been found floating on the surface of Echo Park Lake over the weekend, and park workers are struggling to find out what has caused the die-off. All of the dead fish have been carp, which breed in the lake, said gardener and caretaker David Foster. None of the dead fish include the catfish and trout brought in by the state Department of Fish & Game, which stocked the lake last week. Foster, who has worked at Echo Park Lake for about six years, said the lake has experienced fish die offs before but not in such large numbers. Foster said fisherman at the lake this weekend were reeling in large numbers of the newly stocked fish.

“I’m worried,” Foster said Monday. “We are trying to get a [state] biologist out here to try and figure this out.”

Foster said carp, which have been spawning in recent weeks, far outnumber the catfish, trout and other fish brought in by the state. The dead fish have been thrown away as Foster waits to hear back from the Department of Fish & Game as to what to do next.

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