A Mount Washington love song

Mount Washington photo by Martha Benedict

When Sean Hoffman was house hunting several years back, Mount Washington ranked as one of his favorite neighborhoods. He checked the real estate listings every day and rode his bike to check out interesting properties. Hoffman, however, never bought a house in Mount Washington. The musician and member of the indy-pop duo Loch & Key ended up in Elysian Valley instead. But Hoffman was so taken with the beauty and the quirky nature of Mount Washington that he wrote a song titled “Mt. Washington.” (click on the player below to listen)

Hoffman and his partner, Leyla Akdogan, will be performing “Mt. Washington” and two other songs on Christmas Eve during the annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration at the Music Center. What is it about Mount Washington that Hoffman finds attractive? His lyrics explain:

There’s trees all around,
and the gangsters they don’t wear a frown.
Close your eyes it’s only a dream away,
so close your eyes it’s only a little dream away.
Take me to the place,
where the hipsters write and they paint,
at a leisurely rate.
Where dogs bark,
and patiently wait,
for you to retaliate.
There’s a geodesic dome,
that I wish I could call my own.
Close your eyes,
It’s only a dream away.

Mt. Washington by The Eastsider LA

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