Cypress Park —  A black Kia crashed onto the sidewalk outside of Antigua Coffee Roasters on Saturday, demolishing a stop sign, some planters and narrowly missing sidewalk tables outside the Figueroa Street coffee house.

LA Grim Street posted photos of the crash to show the need for more traffic safety measures along Figueroa.

But a  different set of photos showed it’s going to take more than a crash to scare away coffee drinkers. Unfazed by the car on the sidewalk a few feet from where they were sitting,  Antigua customers were glued to their tables and laptops inside the cafe, according to photos posted on the cafe’s Instagram.

“Apparently Everyone is doing well after the Kia came crashing onto the sidewalk and missed the building by a foot or two,” said Antigua on Instagram. “This is the most bizarre reaction I’ve ever seen …. maybe our coffee is so damn good that you can risk your life?”

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