About two months after they were planted, a new generation of lotus at Echo Park Lake have begun to poke above the water line  spread across the surface  in the northwest corner of the lake.   The 378 plants, which were just a tangle of roots and stems when they arrived in February, are intended to replace the original lotus bed, that died off mysteriously several years ago.  The bright green lotus leaves  are now growing under black netting to protect the young leaves from birds. The lotus were planted as part of an $85 million clean up and rebuilding of Echo Park Lake, which is scheduled to reopen to the public next month.

When will those large pink lotus blossoms start to bloom?

Some city officials have said it might be a year or two before the Echo Park Lake lotus–a variety of nelumbo nucifera–are able to flower. But aquatic plant supplier Randy McDonald, who grew the plants from a cutting taken from Echo Park Lake a few years ago, has previously said he expects that the lotus will bloom again this summer. The lake and surrounding park are scheduled to reopen to the public next month.

But the new Echo Park Lake lotus will have competition when it comes colorful aquatic blooms.  Water lilies (pictured at bottom) planted in the lake’s new wetlands areas have already begun to bloom.

New lotus leaves emerge under protective netting.

New planted in the same location as the original lotus bed.

New water lily blossoms are now floating on the eastern side of the lake.

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