Silver Lake blogger Diane Edwardson was driving through Elysian Park Friday* morning when she spotted a coyote taking in the sights near the Avenue of the Palms (pictured below) on Stadium Way near Academy Road:

The coyote casually came down from the brushy area behind the bathrooms, passed a homeless guy pushing a cart on the grass and made eye contact with me (I was sitting in my car shooting photos). The coyote stopped between a couple of palm trees, checked the traffic several times in both directions before crossing the Ave of the Palms safely.

While stopped, I noticed at least one other car had pulled in behind me to watch the coyote too. I usually don’t see such healthy looking coyotes in Elysian Park – he was more along the lines of the big coyotes we see in my neighborhood.

Perhaps it’s time for a coyote beauty contest.

* Correction: A previous version of the post said coyote was seen on Saturday. That’s not right.  It was seen on Friday.

Photos by Diane Edwardson

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