How much would you pay to get the Glassellland sign back?

The second incarnation of Glassellland before it was removed in November.

Apparently you can’t keep a good sign down. The artist behind Glassellland – the large sign that was erected and removed twice last year from different hillsides in Glassell Park – has started a fundraiser to install the sign in a permanent location.  Justin, an artist who goes by one name, wants to raise at least $500 to build a new, longer-lasting and possibly illuminated  Glassellland sign.  In his fundraiser page, Justin says:

I have located property close to the prior location with owners who have authorized placement of the sign.  Should this campaign fall short, I have contacted locals who are willing to help cobble something together that looks like letters and put it on a hill in a legible fashion.  I encourage you to donate to the effort, however. (Especially that couple that was making out behind the “D.”  You know who you are. This sign is for you!) The more investment, the better the sign.

The $500 will be spent on fabrication, installation, with additional funds being used for maintenance and solar-powered lighting.

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