How do you top a giant spider made out of pumpkins, squash and rebar? That was the challenge this year as the Vidal family of Silver Lake looked for inspiration for their annual Pumpkin Sculpture that would decorate their front lawn in time for Halloween.  After last year’s spider-shaped creation,  eight-year-old Levi Vidal suggested that this year’s sculpture take the form of a  scorpion, said his father, Guy Vidal.

Vidal explains what he and his wife, Karen, daughter Ginger and Levi used to create their Halloween scorpion:

For the head, pincers and stinger we went to Underwood Family Farms in Simi Valley. But the largest pumpkin actually came from Ralph’s in Silver Lake. The insides are used for cooking and the large pumpkin seeds are delicious for roasting. After the holiday these make for great compost.

The Vidals, who are interior designers, have installed Pumpkin Sculptures in the front yard of their West Silver Lake Drive home every Halloween since 2005. What will Levi think up for next year?

Design concepts/Guy Vidal

Large-scale pumpkin carving/Guy Vidal

Assembling the pumpkin pieces/Guy Vidal

Pumpkin sculpture coming together/Guy Vida

Scorpion head close up/Guy Vida

Admirers photographing the final result/Guy Vidal

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