What will be found at the bottom of Echo Park Lake? A Bingo game offers some clues

The draining and clean up of Echo Park Lake has many neighborhood residents like illustrator and designer Alice Rutherford wondering what will be found when the lake’s muddy bottom is revealed.  Her fascination inspired Rutherford to ask friends about what objects might be under all that water, and then she spent an afternoon drawing. The result is the  Echo Park Lake Draining Bingo card. Will the water-logged items include a dog leash,  a PBR can or one of those balloons shaped like a hammers?   Rutherford provides more details:

I‘ve joked that I wanted to take bets on what they’d find at the bottom … I hope it’s taken in the spirit it was made–tongue-in-cheek and full of affection for a neighborhood I’ve called home for the better part of the last decade. Full disclosure: I am probably a hipster and definitely responsible for gentrification but I am also really interested in Echo Park’s community and history and love the area very much.

The Eastsider suggested adding a corn on the cob slathered with mayo but Rutherford said she assumed that “most food items (elotes, tacos, pupusas, Two Boots, etc) would have disintegrated or been eaten by turtles/Maria the goose by the time anyone dredged them up…”

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