What will Highland Park (and the rest of us) do without Waltarrrrr?

The blogger known as Waltarrrrr (yes, with five “r”s), who has kept Highland Park informed and amused for more than four years, is putting the 90042 blog to “sleep for a while.”  Waltarrrrr had an endless love of historic street car photos and made use of a Twitter feed to offer blow-by-blow accounts of police searches and holiday parades. Waltarrrrr broke the news of the break from blogging to readers today, explaining that the 90042 blog started as a writing exercise but became much more:

“All-too-often I posted the only notices of shootings or murders in our community that real media outlets ignored. I’m quite proud of what I managed to accomplish over the past four-and-a-half years. Stories that would have otherwise never been told, were shared, and history was remembered.  I feel the community was better off for whatever contribution was made. I tried to keep it interesting and avoided being too self-indulging. (Sorry, my blog, my indulgence.) So many stories I wanted to do but never had enough time. As small as this zip code seems, or as non-affluent as it may seem, I could have wrote a story about it every day and never fully tell the story of this place we call home.”

Waltarrrrr, an artist by trade, will devote more time to painting. While leaving the door open to an occasional post, Waltarrrrrr made no promises, leaving readers to admire a 1905 photo of Highland Park in a blog post titled “Parting Shot.” Nice job.

Image of 90042 blog

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