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Love Letters & Hate Mail: Eastside resident Linda Gamboa will join fellow female poets Frankie Salinas and Pat Viera at a La Palabra Poetry Reading ... Read More »

Save the Date

Santa Cecilia Orchestra/Santa Cecilia Orchestra website Saturday, November 21* Hula dancers, horn quartets and more at the Silver Lake Library Open House.* Live entertainment, face ... Read More »

New Store Report: The Future of Echo Park is filled with printed t-shirts, Doc Martens and vintage VHS tapes. That’s some of the merchandise to ... Read More »

Eastside Shopper & Diner

Does your dining room table need to be dressed up for Thanksgiving? Looking for someone to prepare and deliver your holiday feast and perhaps make ... Read More »

Eastside Shopper & Diner

In the mood for hydroponic greens, duck carnitas or perhaps an Eastside-brewed beer? Then head over to Eastsider on the Go to satisfy your appetite. ... Read More »

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Debs Park Family Nature Hike on Saturday/Photo by Buz Carter/Flickr Friday, November 6 * The Eastside Cafe Space in El Sereno serves up organic popcorn ... Read More »

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Friday, June 5* Bandannas provided: A Keith Richards musical tribute at Stories LA in Echo Park marks the release of his new book. Saturday, June ... Read More »

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If The Eastsider wasn’t so busy blogging he would consider going to these upcoming events:Friday, May 22* Always & Forever, a play about a girl, ... Read More »