Coyote pack on Kensington in Angeleno Heights

Coyote pack seen on July 8 in the 800 block of W. Kensington Road

Angeleno Heights --  Resident Richard C. certainly thinks so. He took the photo above of a coyote pack on the morning of July 8 in the 800 block of W. Kensington Road. 

Some residents met with city Animal Services officers about what to do after coyotes became a problem in the area in late 2012, he said.

Officers recommended some scare tactics and other methods (such as trimming underbrush and closing off crawl spaces under decks) to keep the coyotes away -- or at least minimize their numbers.

But what Richard describes as a "coyote infestistation" surfaced again last summer and continues to this day. 

"It is a community issue, and requires everyone to be involved," said Richard C. "Unfortunately, there are some absentee owners, or others, who do not make the effort to take the habitat away from the coyotes."

Animal Services specialists will talk about coyotes at a wildlife workshop in Silver Lake on July 30. If you can't attend, here is some advice below.

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