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Blue-and-white notices warn of upcoming filming

Angeleno Heights -- This neighborhood filled with eye-catching Victorian, Craftsman and other historic homes is a popular spot for film shoots -- but those productions are not always popular with residents.

Problems related to filming were the focus of a recent community meeting hosted by Council District 1 and the neighborhood council.

The biggest issue? Parking.

The meeting held late last month was in response “to the community's concerns and complaints,” said a spokesman for Councilman Gil Cedillo.

Some of the approximately 14 residents who attended the meeting talked about film productions that violated their permits and monopolized parking in Angeleno Heights and the streets surrounding nearby Vista Hermosa Park and Everett Park. That’s made parking a consistent challenge for residents.

Filming in Angelino Heights Angeleno Heights

Film crew at work in Angeleno Heights

Krystal Ventura, who lives near Vista Hermosa Park said she witnessed a film production begin restricting parking on a Sunday when they only had a permit for Tuesday and Wednesday. Ventura confronted crew members about the permits but they were rude and ignored her concerns, she said. They would not stop restricting parking until after she called Film LA, which coordinates filming requests in Los Angeles, to handle the situation.

Darcy Harris, the chair of the Echo Park Neighborhood Council and a long time resident of Echo Park, suggested that rules mandated by the permit aren’t always followed by production companies.

“There are all these different restrictions depending on where you are," Harris noted.  "But how well are they enforced and do the residents know what the rules are?”

Carroll Avenue Victorians Angeleno Heights Angelino Heights

Carroll Avenue is a popular filming location.

Officials from the Film LA and the LAPD who attended the meeting agreed that some of the film crews are disrespectful, especially those involved with smaller productions, like commercials and music videos.

The best response for a resident is to report permit violations and rude behavior to FilmLA. In the long run, it also helps to build a group of volunteers to work on the issue and identify problems, particularly those involving parking availability and placement of generators and other equipment, officials said.

“Increased interaction with the Echo Park neighborhood Council and community leaders is the first step toward building a network of volunteers, who when filming requests come in can help us identify and mitigate community concerns with filming,” said Phillip Sokoloski of FilmLA to the Eastsider.

If you experience any issues related to filming in your neighborhood contact the Film LA 24/7 availability line at 213.977.8600 for assistance.

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