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Behind a row of mature olive trees, this Spanish contemporary is your perfect Atwater Village home, blending timeless architecture and classic charm with modern amenities designed for today’s lifestyle. 


Step into architectural history with this charming 1928 Moorish Revival in the heart of Atwater Village.

Atwater Village --  The owners of 76 gas stations caused a bit of a fuss about 15 years ago when they started replacing the familiar orange 76 balls that rise above the stations with a red version.


An oasis in Atwater Village, close to coveted cafes, farmers market, parks, LA River, and Frogtown, yet tranquilly removed from city life.

Atwater Village - While most people may never have heard of the McKee General Contractor company, Angelenos know the national company by its works: Union Station, the Los Angeles International Airport Theme Building, the federal prison on Terminal Island, and many other significant construct…


Pristine white lines, turquoise accents and tropical murals grace this modern industrial condominium structure.

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