The Carousel Man

Julio Gosdinski at the Griffith Park Carousel, where he had worked since he was a teenager.

This article was written by Emiliana Dore, a long-time friend of Julio Gosdinski, co-owner of the Griffith Park Carousel, who died on Aug. 7. The Atwater Village resident was 49.

Atwater Village -- We are sad to announce the loss of one of our community’s brightest lights. Anyone who stopped by the historic Carousel in Griffith Park probably met Julio Gosdinski, lovingly known as ‘Mr. G’ or ‘The Carousel Man’.

Julio’s striking blue eyes and warm smile have greeted visitors to the Carousel for over 30 years. He began working there when he was just a teenager. The then-owner of the Carousel, Warren Deasy, quickly became a mentor and father figure to Julio. Their relationship was featured in the moving documentary ‘Julio’s Dream’

When Warren passed away in 2011, he left half of the Carousel to his dear partner Rosemary, and half to Julio. Julio was greatly touched by Warren’s gift. He loved sharing the history of the Carousel with his fellow-enthusiasts, but most of all, he loved working with children.

Julio was a big kid at heart. He had a way of making every child who came to the Carousel feel special. An immigrant from Peru, Julio knew what it was like to struggle to communicate. He learned ASL so that he could speak with his hearing impaired and non-verbal customers.

Julio proudly attended Glenfeliz Elementary School, Irving Middle School, and Marshall High School. He was a generous supporter of all of our local public schools, and sponsored many events for them at the Carousel.

“Our community is heartbroken over Julio’s passing,” says Friends of Glenfeliz president Nicole Saba. “He brought so much joy and magic to so many local families. This is a huge loss for our city. Our hearts are with Julio's family. We are going to miss him more than we can say.”

Julio passed away on August 7, 2020 after a brief illness. His cause of death has not yet been determined. If anyone would like to contribute to Julio’s memorial, friends have established a Go Fund Me page to pay for his funeral services and to help support his family during this difficult time. Julio is survived by his beloved mother Trudys and sister Anneliesse.

The L.A. Times and LAist also have obituaries on Gosdinski and the carousel.

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