North Atwater Bridge Mast looking south

The completed mast will eventually be 125-feet tall.

Atwater Village -- Construction crews on Friday installed an angled white tower  in the L.A. River channel that will form a key element of the North Atwater Bridge.

The 60-foot-high tower -- referred to as a "mast" in this case --  stands atop a large concrete base and is located about a half-mile north of Los Feliz Boulevard, rising above the channel and visible to motorists on the nearby 5 Freeway. 

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Cables will be attached to the angled mast to support the bridge platform

Numerous metal cables will eventually be strung from the angled mast to support the 300-foot-long, cable-stayed bridge that will carry pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians over the L.A. River. 

When the remaining section is installed, the mast will reach a height of 125-feet, said Mary Nemick with the city's Bureau of Engineering. 

The $16 million bridge is expected to be completed by the end of the year, according to current estimates.

North Atwater Bridge Mast looking northeast
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