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The North Atwater Bridge: A new (and car-free) landmark rises above the L.A. River

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North Atwater Bridge under construction 8-17-2019 6-34-52 PM.JPG

Looking north on the river. The 300-foot-wide bridge is located north of Los Feliz Boulevard.

Atwater Village - Construction of the North Atwater Bridge over the L.A. River seems to be moving along. Where once it consisted of just a single, crooked white tower, it now has the bones of a span in place, according to photos in the Daily News and Streetsblog. This includes the 125-foot high "mast" and suspension cables.

The 300-foot-long, cable-stayed bridge is scheduled to be finished later this year. Located about a half-mile north of Los Feliz Boulevard, it is designed to carry pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians -- not motor vehicles -- over the L.A. River.

This bridge was originally supposed to be paid for entirely with private funds and was to be turned over to the city at no cost. But the private funding wasn’t enough to cover it, once the estimated costs of the project tripled.

Landowner and philanthropist Morton La Kretz pledged $4.75 million for the bridge when officials announced plans for the structure in 2011. That was supposed to cover most of the bridge’s cost. However, the most recent estimates indicate that the bridge will cost more than $16 million, leaving taxpayers to pay for the rest.

The North Atwater bridge is part of a bridge-building boom in this section of the L.A. River. But none of the spans are intended for motor vehicles. Instead, the new spans are intended for pedestrians, cyclists and  equestrians. 

North Atwater Bridge under construction 8-17-2019 6-29-32 PM.JPG

Looking south on the river. The 5 Freeway and the hills of Griffith Park are on the right.

North Atwater Bridge under construction 8-17-2019 6-34-58 PM.JPG

The slender cables attached to the 125-foot-high mast are connected to the bridge platform below

North Atwater Bridge under construction 8-17-2019 6-32-57 PM.JPG

The tip of the bridge's mast.

North Atwater Bridge under construction 8-17-2019 6-30-30 PM.JPG

The bridge platform that will be open to pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.

North Atwater Bridge under construction 8-17-2019 6-36-20 PM.JPG
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