Atwater Village Wells Fargo branch

Customers peer into the temporarily closed Wells Fargo branch on Glendale Boulevard in Atwater Village. 

Atwater Village - The Wells Fargo branch on Glendale Boulevard has temporarily closed until further notice, the company has confirmed.

“The Atwater Village branch temporarily closed on July 30 because of staffing constraints, and the branch will resume operations as soon as possible,” Wells Fargo said in a statement

“Customers can check Wells Fargo’s branch locator for ATM locations and the status of branches and can use mobile and online banking tools almost anywhere 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The nearby Glendale Gateway branch on Los Feliz Boulevard is still open.

One Eastsider reader said an employee told him that the branch would be closing for 14 days due to "inactivity." However, The company did not confirm how long the Atwater Village branch would remain closed. 

On Wednesday morning, customers trying to enter the branch were faced with locked doors and signs that said "This branch is temporarily closed."

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There have been other temporary bank branch closures reported across the region during the pandemic. 

Late last month, a customer of the Bank of America branch in Echo Park received an email informing him that the bank had been closed temporarily.  The branch has since reopened.

Are these closures related to COVID-19? The banks aren't saying.

When asked what was the reason behind the Echo Park branch closure, Bank of America responded with a statement that said:

"We continue to take several steps to support our clients and employees during the health crisis, which may include briefly closing a financial center.  These temporary closures occur in areas where foot traffic is low, or when our staffing is not sufficient for all to remain open. When a center closes, we work to reopen it as soon as possible."

The bank issued a similar statement regarding temporary branch closures in Orange County.

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