Nicodim Gallery in Boyle Heights

The final show at Nicodim Gallery's Boyle Heights location closed on Aug. 10. 

Boyle Heights -- Despite its location in a desolate industrial area, the Nicodim Gallery attracted crowds of art patrons to shows featuring cutting-edge artists from around the world. But in the fall of 2016, a different kind of group showed up at the gallery's doorstep: protestors opposed to gentrification. 

Nicodim and several other galleries and art spaces that had opened in former warehouses and industrial buildings were targeted by those who viewed them as symbols of gentrification. The anti-gentrification activists wanted the galleries out of the neighborhood.

And, one by one, many of the new galleries have left the area. This month, Nicodim Gallery will be joining them. 

Nicodim announced that it will be moving into a 10,000-square-foot space next door to another gallery immediately south of Downtown L.A. It's final show in Boyle Heights ended this past weekend.

The Nicodim announcement didn't say why it was moving or mentioned the gentrification protests.

But Defend Boyle Heights, which has spearheaded the protests, noted Nicodim's departure on its Facebook page, saying the gallery should leave Los Angele entirely. 

"NICODIM IS LEAVING BOYLE HEIGHTS!!! But our struggle against Nicodim and all other gentrifying art galleries isn’t over!" said the post

Nicodim, whose Boyle Heights gallery had been tagged with anti-white graffiti, told the Times after the protest that he had no plans to leave.

“America is a great country,” Nicodim said. “They have the right to demonstrate. I have the right to be here.”

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