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Find out what's open and changed during the coronavirus pandemic

East Los Angeles - A man, possibly in his mid-30s, walked into a bar and restaurant early this morning and shot three men and fled the location on foot, authorities said.

The Los Angeles County library system -- which closed its branches in mid-March because of the coronavirus pandemic -- has begun offering sidewalk service to patrons who have items on hold at two-dozen libraries, including East LA.

A magnitude 3.2 earthquake was felt across East Los Angeles  this morning, but no damage was reported.

East Los Angeles -- The “Chicano Blowouts of March 1968, in which thousands of students at Garfield and seven other Eastside high schools walked out of their classrooms to protest unequal conditions, were detailed in a 2006 film directed by Edward James Olmos titled “Walkout.”

East Los Angeles - A 15-year-old boy who went missing over the weekend has been found, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. But no other information is available at this time.

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In this issue: We walk the sidewalks of Whittier Boulevard and wonder what happened to the Latino Walk of Fame. A look at the hospital that became a "war zone" during the depths of the pandemic. And we cheer for ELAC’s Huskies in new Netflix series.

In this issue we celebrate Valentine's Day with love notes to East LA. We also recall the music scene that developed on The Latin Strip. And we tell you about the soundwall coming to Harrison Elementary.

En este número: celebramos el Día de San Valentín con notitas de amor a East LA. Recordamos la escena musical que se desarrolló en el Latin Strip. Y le contamos de una barrera de sonido para la Harrison Elementary.

En este número: Damos una mirada a cómo el Este de LA ha perdido muchos de sus centros de entretenimiento de boxeo a la vez que sentimos la pérdida del entrenador Paul Hernández. Las muertes de COVID en East LA llegan a una terrible marca. Y la recompensa en el tiroteo del viernes en un tren de Metro se eleva a $35,000.

En este número: Repasamos cómo Sara’s Market en City Terrace se convirtió en estrella de redes sociales añadiendo cerveza artesanal y tortillas orgánicas a sus estantes. Oímos de un dueño de restaurante que no está seguro de reabrir su patio a pesar de una nueva orden que permite la cena al aire libre. Y le informamos de una repartición de comida en un parque local esta semana.

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En este número, hablamos con mujeres de East Los que suplementan sus ingresos familiares vendiendo sus mejores postres en redes sociales; también damos una mirada a la historia de la Parroquia la Soledad y reportamos sobre una estrella de Hollywood que trajo sus tacos del oeste a familias del este.

East Los Angeles -- Paramedics rushed a person suffering from smoke inhalation to an area hospital from a house fire this morning.

East Los Angeles - A man was shot and killed tonight in the 1200 block of Clela Avenue, near Olympic Boulevard, said Deputy Eric Ortiz of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

In this issue: we talk to East Los women who are supplementing their family incomes by selling their best desserts on social media; we also look at a bit of history at Soledad Church and report on a Hollywood star bringing his Westside tacos to East LA families.

In this issue: we ride along with a group of bike enthusiasts who promote good will in the neighborhood, we get an update on last week’s miracle story, and we celebrate a huge grant given to a local organization to help fight homelessness.

En este número, paseamos con un grupos de entusiastas de la bicicleta que promueven la buena voluntad en el vecindario, recibimos una actualización del relato del milagro de la semana pasada, y celebramos la enorme dotación que ha recibido una organización local para ayudar a personas sin hogar.

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