City Terrace - Ah, Los Angeles - where even locked down at home in the midst of a pandemic, you can still be filmed for a music video.

That’s why City Terrace residents can now be seen dancing in their homes - on their porches, at their window, behind glass - to the new song, "Same Sun."

Jasmine Ash, who composed the song and made the video, said she recently moved to City Terrace from Silver Lake, and put up a post on Next Door for people in her new neighborhood to appear in the video.

“We didn't give too much direction - just to play the song and let them do what they felt,” Ash told the Eastsider. “A really cool extra for me was being able to meet some neighbors we wouldn't otherwise meet!”

And of course, it was all done within the parameters of social distancing - that being the whole idea.

"My husband and I just drove around, sanitized a lot, washed our hands a lot, didn't come into physical contact with anyone of course, and it went pretty smoothly and we did it over the course of about two weeks," Ash said.

The song is about unity in the midst of isolation - a relevant sentiment, even though the song was written about a year ago, Ash said.

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