Taylor Yard Bridge 1

The new Taylor Yard Bridge just received its first coat of paint - a striking shade of orange - and is about 75% done, according to SPF:Architects, which designed the project.

Built by the city of L.A.'s Bureau of Engineering, the 400-foot-long pedestrian bridge is scheduled to be complete in June, when it will connect Elysian Valley and Cypress Park.

According to an estimate from last year, the price tag on the bridge is $18 million, paid for by Metro. The original estimate in 2014 was between $5.3 million and $8 million. The increase has been blamed on rising construction costs rather than any changes in design.

Taylor Yard Bridge 2

The bridge uses light structural elements of tube steel, wide flange steel, and steel rods, according to a statement from SPF:architects. It is designed to “float” within a level box truss structure, and slopes to meet the different elevations of the banks, SPF:architects' statement said.

The bridge is one of three new spans that have been constructed over the river recently for pedestrians, bicyclists and, in part, equestrians. The other two projects are the Red Car Bridge and the North Atwater MultiModal Bridge.

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