Scaffolding for the Taylor Yard Bridge

Construction scaffolding is starting to go up in the bed of the L.A. River for the new Taylor Yard pedestrian bridge that will connect Cypress Park and Elysian Valley.

This “falsework” of 12 towers made from steel tubes will support the bridge loads as workers construct the new Taylor Yard Pedestrian Bridge. The towers are spaced along the entire span of the bridge, varying from 15 to 25 feet high, according to the city's Bureau of Engineering.

They will stay in place until the steel bridge is completely welded and stressed to its specifications, the bureau said.

The 400-foot-long, orange structure is one of a trio of new river bridges that have been constructed in the area. Instead of being designed for motor vehicles, the new spans are intended for pedestrians, cyclists and, in one case, equestrians.

The $18 million bridge is being paid for by Metro and is scheduled to open in early 2021.  The Cypress Park end of the bridge will be near the Rio De Los Angeles State Park and the new homes and apartments that make up the Taylor Yard Transit Village. In Elysian Valley, access to the new bridge will be near Riverdale.

For pedestrians and cyclists, the metal structure will create a much more convenient link between Cypress Park and Elysian Valley. 

Cost estimates soar as Taylor Yard bridge gets closer to connecting Cypress Park and Elysian Valley
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