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Leslie Garcia (left) and Nicolas Padillo (right) helping students get through the school year during the pandemic through virtual tutoring sessions.

With COVID-19 affecting the amount of one-on-one help students received in class, Leslie Garcia and Nicholas Padilla founded Northeast LA NELA Impact to provide free virtual tutoring to students who were falling behind in classes.

Each student is assigned a tutor. Each session is held through Zoom and lasts 30-45 minutes. When, how often, and how long the tutor meets with the student is flexible and based on the student's needs and the tutor's availability.

Tutors are high school or college students who have been interviewed and checked for qualifications. However, any student is eligible to receive tutoring.

"We are happy to provide academic support to any student-- and you don't have to be in the NELA area!" said Garcia, an Eagle Rock High graduate who will be attending Occidental College this fall.

NELA Impact has been successful in providing tutoring to over 35 students with the help of 20+ tutors. They have held 60 tutoring sessions over the past 4 weeks with students from all over the LA area, and they would love to and are equipped to help more.

If you're interested in becoming a tutor or scheduling a session, visit their website or email them at

Meet the NELA Impact Founders
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