Eagle Rock -- Artist duo TWO took advantage of stay-at-home orders and and took to their neighbors rooftops to film the music video to their second song, "In This Rough." 

Daniel Epand and Aja Volkman were a part of a band called Nico Vega and formed their own duo called TWO this year in April.

Epand is a professional drummer who produced "In This Rough" and directed the music video. He lived in Silver Lake for several years before moving to Eagle Rock. The video was shot in his neighborhood in early May, before any of the stay-at-home orders were lifted.

"It is a crazy time to be an artist because the tone of culture is just moving so fast," Epand recalls. "We are all strapped to an emotional rocket ship, so for art to be a reflection of society, and to be relevant, it feels like you need to move really really fast. As it is, May 5th seems like an eternity ago."

The beginning of the video was shot in his garage and the rooftop scene was at his neighbor's house. He admits the timing was perfect.

Music Video: In This Rough by Two

Aja Volkman and Daniel Epand from the duo TWO stand on the rooftop of a house with the view of Eagle Rock.

"I would never have been able to pull off this video at any other time in history," Epand said. "I could never have gotten all those families to let us camp out on their rooftops for the day. At the point we shot this, everyone had been on lockdown for almost two months. Seriously, I think everyone was just excited for something new to change up their day!"

Epand described "In This Rough"as a break-up song that "captures the moment you stop feeling sorry about yourself and start feeling optimistic about the future."

Volkman talked about writing "In This Rough" in an Instagram post. Her husband is Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons.

"I went through some dark times trying to find the kind of surrender that is expressed in this song," Volkman wrote. "What did pain teach me? It taught me that true relief comes from letting go." 

The music video was recently tweeted by artist P!nk, who complimented the lead singer's vocals.

The video sparked some energy in the community after months couped up in their homes.

"The video is a celebration of life, of friendship and community," Epand said. "It was an excuse to get some friends out the house and throw one of the only rock concerts 2020 is gonna see." 

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