Google Street View of Colorado Boulevard Eagle Rock

Signs warning drivers about construction vehicle parking restrictions would be posted along Colorado Boulevard between North Figueroa Street and the city boundary with Pasadena.

EAGLE ROCK - The neighborhood is having problems with trucks - and not even its own trucks, the Pasadena Star-News  reports.

A slew of the trucks idling along Colorado Boulevard recently seem to be connected to the 100 West Walnut project in Pasadena. While Pasadena approved the 400-unit mixed-use extension of historic Old Pasadena, the city strictly forbids construction vehicles from staging and idling on its public streets.

So some trucks have sat in Eagle Rock instead, hindering traffic and making it harder to drop off kids at a neighborhood elementary school, according to the Star News.

The Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council’s land use subcommittee is asking L.A. city officials to pass a moratorium on semi-truck parking, staging or idling on Figueroa Street and Colorado Boulevard. The subcommittee also wants the city to implement or increase fines on developers for the truck parking - fines that have to be at least as tough as the ones in Pasadena.

Some of the truck traffic from the 100 West Walnut project has died down recently. However, Eagle Rock continues to live with the dump trucks and other vehicles that roll through the neighborhood on their way to the Scholl Canyon landfill in neighboring Glendale.

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