Occidental College sign

Eagle Rock -- A man living in an RV near Occidental College was taken into custody for a medical evaluation after pursuing a college worker and several other confrontations with employees in recent weeks, reports The Occidental, the student-run news website.

The man was detained by campus police and taken into custody by the LAPD early Friday evening after officials said he chased the employee who was walking home. The employee was not injured. 

Apparently the LAPD tried to talk to the man several hours earlier but he refused to get out of his RV parked in the 1700 block of Campus Road, prompting a police response, including a helicopter, said The Weekly.  

The same man had been escorted off campus several times in recent weeks for what was described as abusive and disruptive behavior.

School security said they would be increasing their presence around campus.

The incident comes about three weeks after police warned a second man to stay away from the school after he followed a female student in her vehicle back on to campus. The same driver later approached a second female student nearby. 

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