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A 33-year-old East Hollywood woman was tricked out of more than $10,000 by a person posing as an LAPD detective, police said.

The victim got a call Friday around 10:30 a.m. from a number that appeared to be from the Northeast Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, said Sgt. Jose Mireles.  

The woman was told her identity had been stolen and was instructed to "send all her money from her bank account to another one,” Mireles said.

The imposter convinced the woman to download an app called Viber messenger to communicate with her. And within a short period of time, the unidentified woman was transferring more than $10,000 to the thief's account. 

“A police officer will never ask for money and they will never tell you to transfer money from one account to another," Mireles said.

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