Triste and Smiley at the serving table

Cain Carias with his marionettes El Triste and La Smiley, at a recent celebration for the East Hollywood Community Cookout.

East Hollywood - Cain Carias began puppeteering at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater as a teenager. Then Baker died, and the puppet theater left Echo Park. Carias moved on to a more steady job as a cook.

But one thing has kept him in the puppeteering game: El Triste, “the Saddest Clown in L.A.”

Cain Carias at street party
Triste and Cain fishing

At the L.A. River. El Triste's fishing pole is made from a repurposed cigarette lighter.

El Triste with fish

El Triste - or someone operating him - actually did catch a fish that day.

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