Sqirl Google street view

Sqirl turned Virgil Village into a foodie destination.

East HollywoodSqirl restaurant went viral over the weekend in exactly the wrong way, with a picture purportedly showing a bulk jam container from the restaurant with a thick layer of broken mold on top, Eater LA reported.

The picture appeared on social media after a lengthy online discussion about the restaurant's food-handing practices, including accusations that their well-known and pricey jams were not stored properly.

 Employees said the owner, Jessica Koslow, asked them to scrape off the mold on top of the jam, and to dig down a couple of inches to get fresh jam.

Koslow responded on social media, saying, in part:

"We use about half the sugar you'd find in a typical supermarket jam. And put simply, a low sugar jam is more susceptible to the growth of mold. The same types of mold that develop on some cheese, charcuterie, dry aged beef, and lots of other preserved food." 

But other food experts dispute that the mold on jam is comparable to these other kinds of mold.

The social media firestorm ignited as Koslow is preparing to launch a new cookbook -- about jam.

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