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East Los Angeles - A 51-year-old man who worked part-time as a clown performer in the East L.A. area is behind bars on suspicion of sexually molesting a young child, and the sheriff's department today circulated his photo and asked other potential alleged victims to come forward.

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In this issue, we look at an art piece beloved in City Terrace and the move to extend an eviction moratorium. Meanwhile, East LA took to the streets to commemorate the Chicano Moratorium

En este número, miramos a una pieza de arte adorada por los fieles de City Terrace, la junta de supervisores extiende moratoria de desalojos, y East LA sale a la calle para conmemorar la Moratoria Chicana.

East Los Angeles -- By foot or by car, people are expected to hold processions and caravans down Whittier Boulevard to mark the 50th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium March, a protest against the disproportionate impact of the Vietnam War on the Mexican-American community.

East Los Angeles - A teenage motorist who allegedly ran a red light while impaired, triggering a collision with a Metro bus that seriously injured two of his passengers in East Los Angeles, has been released to the custody of his parents as authorities weigh the filing of criminal charges in…

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East Los Angeles -- A collision involving a Metro bus and a Volkswagen Beetle this morning left a dozen people injured, two critically.

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In this issue, we take a look at the rich history to be found at the Chicano Resource Center. East L.A renters can still apply for rent relief. And "Born in East LA" turns 33

En este número, revisamos la rica historia que puede encontrarse en el Centro de Recursos Chicanos. Inquilinos de East L.A. todavía pueden solicitar ayuda con el alquiler. Y “Born in East LA” cumple los 33.

short animated video by East Los Angeles artist Manuel López shows one of his carefully drawn cityscapes – aged houses that line hilly streets, tall palm trees competing with electric towers, a waning moon hanging over a pinkish sky. The soundtrack, all too familiar: paleteros, dogs barking, cumbias, traffic.

In this issue, we learn about a Garfield High graduate who was accepted into some of the nation’s top colleges. We look at art that celebrates life in East LA and other neighborhoods – and art that pays tribute to a slain soldier. And we report on staggering coronavirus statistics for the neighborhood.

East Los Angeles - Officials today released the name of a 43- year-old man who was fatally wounded in an allegedly gang-related shooting while he was walking his dog in East Los Angeles.

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