Parking enforcement officer writing a ticket

East Los Angeles -- If you forgot when street sweeping takes place on your block, you better find out fast.

The LA County Sheriff's Department will start issuing tickets for street sweeping and other violations starting April 1 after enforcement had been suspended for much of the pandemic.  (The City of LA had resumed parking enforcement late last year).

"The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Parking Enforcement Detail will again ENFORCE ALL PARKING VIOLATIONS and reinstate the issuance of street sweeping citations, expired registration citations, as well as, towing vehicles that have been warned via a “Red Tag” or any other vehicle in violation of the parking laws," the department said in a statement issued today.

"Red Tag" warnings are issued to vehicles that have remained parked on the same spot on public streets for long periods of time. If the vehicle has not been moved 72 hours after the Red Tag has been issued, it can be cited and towed, according to the department.

Parking enforcement for many violations in East LA and other unincorporated areas was first paused in the spring due to COVID-19 safer-at-home orders and resumed on Nov. 15. However, enforcement was suspended again after the winter surge in coronavirus cases prompted officials to impose stricter stay-at-home orders

Further details can be found at the Sheriff's Department's Parking Enforcement Page.

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