short animated video by East Los Angeles artist Manuel López shows one of his carefully drawn cityscapes – aged houses that line hilly streets, tall palm trees competing with electric towers, a waning moon hanging over a pinkish sky. The soundtrack, all too familiar: paleteros, dogs barking, cumbias, traffic.

The piece by the East LA native is part of the launch of “For the Love of LA,” an online platform for LA artists to express their feelings for LA County during the pandemic. Each Tuesday, the Music Center will add new artists to the online gallery. County residents will be encouraged to post their own works on social media. Some pieces will be selected to appear on the site.

The launch included a video collaboration by poet and photographer Rafael Cardenas, known for his striking images of Eastside neighborhoods and residents. A third artist, South LA’s Yaneli Delgado, created a print with iconic images from various neighborhoods, including a cruising car under the Whittier Boulevard arch in East Los.

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