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Today's sunset provided a welcome -- albeit brief -- distraction from police sired and urban unrest.

The scent of freshly cut wood could be detected on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park and other neighborhoods today as business owners and landlords were installing plywood sheets over windows to protect against possible looting and vandalism.

Echo Park -- A group of several people broke into a Verizon Wireless Plus store on Saturday night a few hours after a citywide curfew had been declared in the wake of unrest and looting.

I feel the need to share the facts as they relate to the proposed redevelopment of the Taix restaurant site. I understand this an emotional issue for some, but not more than it is for to me, as I grew up in the restaurant and have worked there for multiple decades.

Echo Park -- The coronavirus outbreak did not stop the Dream Center from holding an Easter basket and meal giveaway today.

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