1218 Sunset Blvd

Echo Park - A car rear-ended the trailer of a street pizza vendor Saturday night, causing a chain reaction with another vehicle and knocking a pedestrian across the sidewalk, police said. Two people were severely injured.

The car, a 1998 Toyota Corolla, was traveling westbound along Sunset Boulevard just past Marion Avenue at around 9:05 p.m. when it struck a trailer loaded with a stone pizza oven that was parked near 1218 Sunset Blvd., according to Det. Juan Campos of the LAPD’s Central Traffic Division.

This shoved the trailer into a pedestrian standing next to it, launching the man about 20 feet, Campos said.

The trailer was also pushed into the Chevrolet Express van that was hauling it, causing the van, in turn, to rear-end a Hyundai Elantra.

The driver of the Toyota as well as the pedestrian who was struck by the trailer were injured severely, and were both transported to the hospital in critical condition.

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The driver, who is expected to recover, is described as a 54-year-old Hispanic man who lives in the Los Angeles area. Details about the pedestrian and his current condition are unknown, Campos said.

The owner of the Nico's Pizza trailer is now asking the public to help pay for repairs," said KTLA. He identified the pedestrian who was struck as his stepson.

Police are investigating whether the Toyota driver was impaired, Det. Campos said.

Another accident occurred on that same block only the day before, in a two-vehicle crash that took down a power pole and knocked out some electrical service. This earlier crash did not seem to have resulted in serious injuries, Det. Campos said.

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