Echo Park -- Firefighters are known for rescuing cats from trees. But who knew they can also help you get a pill down your dog's throat?

Let us explain. Or in this case, we will let Kathleen Klein-Wakefield of Echo Park explain.

Wakefield was struggling on Friday morning as she was trying to get her dog, Fogerty, to swallow a pill after he had just undergone surgery. While Wakefield was attempting to put the pill wrapped in a treat down Fogerty's throat, her home's security alarm was set off. The phone began ringing but Wakefield couldn't answer because she was dealing with her dog.

Several minutes later, two L.A. firefighters, apparently alerted by the alarm company, were at the door. Wakefield apologized and explained she had been preoccupied trying to give her dog its medicine. That's when they offered to help with that pesky pill. 

"I said, 'Thank you but that is okay.' They said, 'No, we can really help with the dog and the pill.'" 

As one firefighter held on to Fogerty, Wakefield was instructed to coat the pill in peanut butter and give it to her dog. "Down his throat it went!"

Said Wakefield, "Awesome help from LAFD Station 20!"

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