Glendale Boulevard and Park Avenue

The intersection of Glendale Boulevard and Park Avenue.  Google Maps

Echo Park - Three recent assaults with a deadly weapon -- all near the same corner and within a few days of each other --  involved homeless persons, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. The victims apparently included a man who showed up later on Instagram with a bullet wound in his leg.

All the assaults took place near the intersection of Glendale Boulevard and Park Avenue, where the landmark Angelus Temple overlooks one of the entrances to Echo Park Lake across the street.

The witnesses as well as the victims were all transients, said Det. Craig Marquez LAPD’s Rampart Division.

“It’s been a challenge to find out who these people are,” Marquez said. "We’ve had little luck with any victims coming in to be interviewed. It’s hard to identify a shooter if victims don’t come forward.”

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There were no reported fatalities. Two of the incidents were shootings - on Dec. 1 at 10:55 a.m., and Nov. 28 at 8:20 a.m. One other incident, on Nov. 30 at 3 a.m., did not involve firearms, Marquez said.

The victim of the Dec. 1 shooting appears to be the man who showed up on Instagram in the afternoon after the shooting. He showed a bullet wound in his thigh, but was still able to walk.

This man seems to be homeless activist Davon Brown, a sometime-model who has lived at Echo Park Lake. Brown gained media attention in May after taking over a luxury suite at the Downtown L.A. Ritz-Carlton by posing as a celebrity.

Marquez said police are stepping up efforts in the area of the assaults, with extra patrols and senior lead officers covering beats in the lake area.

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