New version of Taix development Sept. 2020

The new design concept for the Taix development presented in September 2020. The earlier concept is shown below.

Taix project rendering

A rendering of the initial concept for the proposed Taix project as viewed from Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.

Echo Park - Round Two.

A developer has adopted a new design concept for a residential and commercial complex to replace the Taix French Restaurant building on Sunset Boulevard.

The size and height of the complex are pretty much the same as an earlier design that met with disapproval and downright hostility at a meeting of the Echo Park Neighborhood Council in late June. 

It’s still a complex of five- and six-story structures, with commercial use on the ground levels and about 170 units of housing - though a couple of units may have been shaved off to accommodate a wider pedestrian thoroughfare connecting Sunset Boulevard to Reservoir Street through the middle of the project.

But the appearance has changed, adopting a more traditional look.

Mike Taix - owner of Taix Restaurant and former owner of the building - said the design team spent the summer exploring the Echo Park neighborhood, examining the early 20th Century architecture nearby - and responding to a criticism last June that the design did not seem to have any of Echo Park’s character.

“The traditional architecture, with pronounced top, middle and bottom horizontal separations, unique storefront street frontages, fire escape balconies and selective uses of arched windows were common themes that the team embraced in the Taix design,” Mike Taix said in a recent statement to the Cultural Heritage Commission, which will be reviewing a proposal to declare the property a historic landmark.

Taix's original downtown location

Original downtown location of Taix Restaurant.

While the earlier version of the complex had a variety of exterior wall colors - cream, charcoal and orange - along with a flat front face on one of the buildings, the current design, features white walls, black storefronts, red canopies, and a clearer delineation between the top two floors.

As before, Taix French Restaurant itself will get about 5,500 square feet of the street-level commercial space, with an adjoining 1,500 square foot outdoor dining patio along the pedestrian paseo

About the only things that will remain from the current restaurant will be the Cherrywood bar top, the patinated mirrors behind the bar, and the large exterior “Taix” sign, which will be set at the top floor, facing east toward the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Reservoir Street.

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