Echo Park Lake behind a fence

Echo Park Lake behind fencing installed to close the park on March 25.

Echo Park - More than 35 tons of waste -- from human feces to syringes  -- have been collected at Echo Park Lake since the park was closed and a large homeless encampment removed in late March.

The trash and waste were removed as part of repairs to the approximately 29-acre park, which is expected to reopen by the end of the month, according to the L.A. Times

In its report on waste removal from the park grounds surrounding the lake, LA Sanitation divided the park into six zones from which workers picked up waste from 109 locations. Most of the trash came from these unique locations rather than from trash receptacles or vegetation.

Here are some of the dirty details from the report:

Echo Park Lake Trash Zones

Areas of Echo Park Lake where 35 tons of waste were cleaned up.

• The west side of the lake, where a homeless encampment spread over the course of the pandemic - had the largest number of sharp objects, drug paraphernalia, and corrosive materials. Referred to in the report as Zone 6, this area also had the largest number of things sent to storage - 122 items, boxes and bags. 

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• The western side is also where most of the biological waste came from - about 350 pounds of urine and feces, almost as much as all the other areas put together.

 The northwest corner of the park had far and away the most parasites. This is where the encampment first started some months before the pandemic set in.

• The northeast corner of the park (Zone 4) had the most cockroaches. This area has also featured a lot of food stands.

The southeast quarter of the park area (Zone 5) had most of the paint and oil waste - mostly paint.

Remaining repair work includes deferred maintenance for public restrooms, children's play areas, electrical work, water fountains, re-sodding, and tree trimming of up to 300 trees, according to Dan Halden, a spokesperson for Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell.

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